My books are about...
the Passion and Devotion between
a man and a woman, Love the way
God originally intended it to be, 
and Commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Zena Wynn, 
Romance Author

Passionate Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Fantasy Island Series


Fantasy Island: Mya’s Werewolf

© 2010

Mya Anderson loves to read erotic romances featuring werewolves. When she gets a chance at a fantasy vacation which allows her to be the heroine in her very own romance created exclusively for her, she jumps at it. But things don't go exactly as planned...

Genre: IR, BBW, Erotic

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Fantasy Island: Cyn’s Dragon

© 2011

Cyn reads erotic romances to escape from reality. A reality involving a no good ex-husband, too many bills, and too many demands on her time. Her favorites are paranormal stories featuring dragon shifters. When she finds a winning lottery ticket, Cyn uncharacteristically decides to do something for herself and damn the bills. She contacts Fantasy Island Vacation Getaways, creating the ultimate dream vacation package. Only, she accidentally leaves out one, pertinent detail. 

Genre: IR/MC, romantic comedy, spicy

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Fantasy Island: Fantasy Man

© 2015

Forced Seduction. Dubious Consent. Submission. Domination. These are the types of stories that make Janice Allen’s panties damp. For years she’s devoured every BDSM romance she could get her hands on. The older she’s grown, the darker her tastes have become. When she runs across Fantasy Island’s ad in a novel, she can’t pass up the opportunity to experience it herself. Too late she remembers the old adage: Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

Content Warning: Story contains one angry hero bent on teaching the heroine a well-deserved lesson and role-playing which gets way out of hand.

Genre: IR, BSDM, Role playing, violence

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