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What happens when the family that normally hosts Christmas cancels? Family drama, that's what.

Over the years, Gail and Rashid Al Jabbar's mini mansion has become holiday central. They not only have the space, but also the resources, to host large family gatherings. This year, however, due to the premature birth of their son, all the cautious parents want is a quiet Christmas at home. No family. No friends. No guests. DaQuan's delicate immune system requires they limit the number of people to whom he's exposed. With everyone wanting to greet the new baby, will they get their wish? Or will family and circumstances conspire against them?

Final Installment in The Question saga

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When wolves play…

Alex Wolfe is a workaholic. The words relax and delegate aren’t in this alpha male’s vocabulary. Fortunately, Alex has a mate who knows just what he needs. Needing alone time with her mate before the birth of their first child, Kiesha plans a surprise vacation just for the two of them. It’s a battle of wills, but for this week only, Kiesha’s determined to be the alpha-in-charge.

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In the year 2124, the world's population has been divided into two groups: infected and noninfected. Race, ethnicity, and nationality no longer matter.

Pia Montgomery is one of the noninfected. She's dedicated the last twenty-plus years of her life to being a surgical nurse. It's time for a new chapter.

She goes to the Match Mate Agency seeking a husband among the infected. Unlike others, she's not afraid of their animalistic tendencies. In fact, she admires them.
However, Mate Match is no ordinary dating agency, and the infected do things differently. They hunt for their mates. Ready. Set. Go! It's time for the Mate Run.

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The year is 2124, and the world's population has been divided into two groups: infected and non-infected. Race, ethnicity, and nationality no longer matter.

Cherise Golden is one of the infected. On the run and in hiding since she was fifteen, she’s had enough of being alone. She wants a mate and a family. Someone strong who will protect her from the man hunting her. Taking a huge risk, Cherise goes to the Mate Match Agency, seeking a husband among the infected.

Noah Hunter is the leader of his clan and one of the owners of Mate Match. Noah isn’t looking for a woman. He came to keep an eye on things and make sure the males follow the rules. He didn’t expect to find an infected woman among the potentials, or to be overwhelmingly attracted to her.

If he claims her, does Noah have what it takes to keep Cherise safe? Will Cherise trust Noah long enough to give him a chance? Ready. Set. Go! It's time for a mate run.



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Zena Wynn is a multi-published author of erotic and sensual novels in various romance sub genres. She writes romances featuring mature, racially and culturally diverse, professional men and women. Her rich characters and engaging plots will stay with you long after you reach The End.