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J & M Consulting 1


Release date: 6/23/19


I've spent years watching my business partner and our Administrative Assistant moon over each other when they thought no one watched. It's time to do something about it. If they won't make a move on their own, like a master chessman, I'll maneuver them into position until the outcome is a foregone conclusion. I just hope my plan doesn't get us all killed.

Genre: Contemporary, I/R,  suspense

Heat: Erotic (contains menage elements)


J & M Consulting II


Release date: August 24, 2020


I swore I'd never go undercover again. I was wrong. The mayor's daughter is missing and our only clues are a mysterious new older boyfriend and her sudden interest in BDSM. After what happened to my niece, how can I say no? Once again, I'll pretend to be in a relationship with both men as we troll BDSM clubs for information. Mike swears it will be easy. Jake promises what happened last time was just a fluke. What can possibly go wrong? Here’s hoping that bad luck doesn’t strike twice.


Warning: Ménage elements, BDSM


J & M Consulting III


No good deed goes unpunished.

A year ago, I tricked my best friend into claiming the woman he craved. Now they are happily married. Jake has decided it's time to return the favor. Unfortunately for me, the woman he chose is the one woman I can't get off my mind, and dare I say, my heart?

I can't avoid her. I don't trust myself to be near her. That leaves me only one option. I'll have to trick her into believing I'm involved with someone else. Can you see the whites of my eyes?

Book 3 In progress...

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