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Code-Switching: (noun) The act of purposely modifying one's language or behavior in different ways depending on social context.


The coolly elegant Catherine Brown is just the woman I need to take my career to the next level. She’s everything I could want in a corporate wife—attractive, well-bred and refined. Like me, Catherine has an Ivy League education, a strong work ethic, and a driving need to succeed. After working closely with her for the last five years, and three months of exclusive dating, I’m confident I’ve learned all I need to know. I asked Catherine to marry me and patiently gave her the time she requested to decide. Then, a family emergency causes Catherine to reveal a side of her nature I had no idea existed. She’s trying her best to keep me out of it, but I’m determined to stick to her like glue. You see, Catherine may be the perfect corporate wife, but Tikki is my perfect match.


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