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Reyna Leoine has good reason to hate the vampyr after what one did to her mother. Her goal in life is to stay as far away from them as possible. When she compulsively accepts a dare to enter their domain—The Gladiator—Reyna questions her sanity. When the leader of the local vampyr clutch claims her as his, Reyna does the sensible thing. She runs.


Tariq Bastien recognizes his Heart’s Blood the minute he sees her sitting at the bar. After centuries of being alone, he has no intention of allowing her to escape him. When she manages to do just that, Tariq goes a little crazy. Tariq does what Vampaliens do best—he hunts. The more he discovers about her, the less it makes sense. No human should be able to escape him, and he’d recognize one of his kind.


When he finally finds her, will the mystery of her past draw them together or drive them apart?

Reyna's Vampyr

SKU: 9781310718724
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