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Though she’s moved on with her life, Zuri Buhari has never forgiven Rome for choosing his career over her. So when a situation in her pride turns deadly, the last person she expects to come flying to the rescue is her long, lost mate. He promises to neutralize the threat, but when the danger has passed, will history repeat itself?

Sheriff Rome Barrio’s been watching and waiting for an opportunity to claim the mate he left behind fifteen long years ago. When Zuri’s life is endangered, he drops everything and rushes to her side. Now that they’re together again, can he convince Zuri that this time he wants forever?

Rome's Pride is a spicy, paranormal, suspense romance featuring a black heroine and a Hispanic hero who are both cat-shifters. If you like fated mate, second chance romances set in foreign countries, this romance is for you.

TM 6: Rome's Pride

SKU: 9781311214461

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