My books are about...
the Passion and Devotion between
a man and a woman, Love the way
God originally intended it to be, 
and Commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Zena Wynn, 
Romance Author

Passionate Love that Lasts a Lifetime

True Mate Series


High in the Smokey Mountains, near the border of North Carolina and Tennesse and edging the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, lies the small town of Refuge, NC. It's not an easy place to find and that's just how the residents like it. You see, the people of Refuge are not at all what they seem. Behind the human facades are shape-shifters, psychics, and a vampire or two. The males all have one thing in common: they're looking for that special woman, the one that completes them. So welcome, but beware. If you're single and female, don't be surprised to suddenly find yourself mated.

What is a True Mate?

A True Mate is that one person created by God to be your other half. Every species has them. Humans call them soul mates. Vampires call them Chosen. Weres call them True Mates. Finding one is rare. Once you find yours, you do whatever it takes to hold on to them.

Why True Mates?

I've always love books where there is one man destined for one female. When the two meet, they do whatever needs to be done to be together. There is no divorce and no infidelity. Their commitment to one another is complete, the way is should be in life. That's what True Mates is about.

Signs of a True Mate...

The first indicator of a True Mate is an extremely intense sexual attraction known as the Mating Fever, which grows progressively stronger until the Mating Bond is complete. Confirmation comes in the form of a lick and a sniff  (taste and smell). If you're a were, one sniff, one lick, and you know without a doubt that this is the one person destined to be your mate.

 Introducing... True Mates


(C) 2010

(prequel to True Mates)

Life happens when you least expect it...

Carol Scott has everything planned. She'll finish her studies, do her internship, and return to Refuge to help run the medical center being built by her pack, the Ravens. When the time is right, she'll chose a male from her pack to mate with, push out a few pups, and life will continue -- nice, neat, and orderly, just the way she likes it.

Then she meets Mark Johnson, sexy, handsome...human. Forbidden. A man who won't take no for an answer. He stirs her senses and even has her wolf sitting up and paying attention. What's a girl to do? Obey the rules or follow her heart and damn the consequences?

 Then the choice is taken out of her hands.

A paranormal, erotic romance


(C) 2008

Kiesha Morgan is a plus-sized, bi-racial business woman who lives life on her own terms. Her life is all about control...her control. She owns her own business, her own condo, and conducts her relationships the same way she runs her business -- by her rules. Any man that doesn't like it is welcome to leave.

Alex Wolfe is the town of Refuge's only veterinarian. He's also a shape-shifter, and the Alpha of the Raven Pack. He's been waiting for the woman who can complete him, his one True Mate. Even though the odds of finding her are slim, he refuses to settle for second best. Once he finds her, he'll never let her go.

Their worlds collide when Kiesha is snatched out of her nice, safe world and mysteriously teleported to a clearing in the woods outside of Refuge. She's out of her element and things are out of her control.

Life just got a little bit more interesting.

A paranormal, erotic romance.

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(C) 2008

Mary Elizabeth's life is spiraling out of control. Her twin sister was killed in an automobile accident. Her bereaved brother-in-law has decided now is a good time to renew their college romance, and her healthy, domineering mother is demanding that she move back home and slave, ah, make that care for her. What's a woman to do? Get the heck out of Dodge! She jumps on the promotion offered by best friend, Kiesha Morgan, and moves to Refuge, NC. The last thing she wants or needs is a man. She's got enough going on in her life.

Hugh Mosely, owner and operator of Refuge's only eating establishment, as a favor to Alex Wolfe, good friend and alpha of the Raven Pack, agrees to rent the empty apartment above his diner to Mary Elizabeth and keep an eye on her. Hugh's also a bear-shifter actively searching for a mate, a she-bear he can breed with and continue his nearly extinct species. Despite his nearly overwhelming, explosive attraction to Mary Elizabeth, he has no interest in human females.

Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?) for them, the true mate bond doesn't care about personal agendas.  Watch as they both get caught up in the mating fever and try to fight their way out.

A paranormal, erotic full length romance.

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(C) 2009

A blue moon's coming and for wolf-shifter Shannon McFelan, it's bringing nothing but trouble. Something she's got enough of already. Her body has mysteriously turned on her, going into Heat for the second time this year at the worst possible moment. It will take all the cunning in her possession to survive this lunar cycle without ending up mated.  

Vampire Nikolai Taranosky knows exactly what's wrong with Shannon. He?s the reason she's in Heat. By the waning of the blue moon she'll definitely be mated -- to him -- despite what Shannon, her wolf, or anyone else thinks about it. 

A paranormal, vampire/werewolf, erotic romance.

Page Count: 133                    


(C) 2009

Deputy Chadleigh Wilson, former lone wolf and new to the Raven pack, was raised among humans in foster care. He doesn't know anything about true mates, but one smile from Tameka Jones and he knows he has to have her. He'll do anything to claim her. Once she's his, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Tameka Jones is baffled by her response to the handsome deputy. She came to Refuge to simplify her life. Instead, she finds herself surrounding by people who think they're werewolves, of all things, and now her dead grandmother is talking to her. But Chad's not the only person interested in Tameka. Someone wants her land and is willing to do anything -- even kill -- to get it.

A paranormal, erotic romance.

Page Count: 215               Original Release: 11/2009


(C) 2012

Six weeks ago, Shayla Morgan, geek extraordinaire, fled the tiny mountain town of Refuge NC as though the hounds of hell--or one horny werewolf--were on her tail. Now the time has come to return for her cousin?s wedding and pay the piper in the form of one determined, red-haired wolf-shifter who believes she's his mate.

After the hell of his childhood, Rory McFelan, alpha of the Sparrowhawks, determined never to mate or reproduce. That was before the Creator dropped one feisty, irritating human female with a scent his wolf wouldn't let him ignore into his path right before a blue moon. In the few short days it took the blue moon to wane, Rory found himself mated with a pup on the way, and his mate gone.

Getting her back is the easy part. Keeping her is more difficult. He'll have to fight demons--his and hers--his pack, her family, and an unknown enemy determined to destroy him, any way they can.

Claiming Shayla was instinct. It's keeping her that?s proving to be a challenge. 


Original Release date: 5/22/2012            Page Count: 245 (92k)

 A paranormal erotic romance               Length: Novel Plus


True Mates: Rome’s Pride

(c) 2016

Though she’s moved on with her life, Zuri Buhari has never forgiven Rome for choosing his career over her. So when a situation in her pride turns deadly, the last person she expects to come flying to the rescue is her long, lost mate. He promises to neutralize the threat, but when the danger has passed, will history repeat itself?

Sheriff Rome Barrio’s been watching and waiting for an opportunity to claim the mate he left behind fifteen long years ago. When Zuri’s life is endangered, he drops everything and rushes to her side. Now that they’re together again, can he convince Zuri this time he wants forever.

A paranormal, spicy romance. 

True Mates: Healing NeeCee

(in progress)

Bull and NeeCee's story.