My books are about...
the Passion and Devotion between
a man and a woman, Love the way
God originally intended it to be, 
and Commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Zena Wynn, 
Romance Author

Passionate Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Works in Progress

Readers frequently ask, Why does it take you so long to write? We've been waiting forever for the next True Mates, Fantasy Island, or (insert series name here) book. 

The answers are as follows:

  1. Writing is not my first priority. I work a full-time job and fit writing in when I can.
  2. There are so many ideas in my head. More than I have time to write. Unfortunately, this means  reader favorites will sometimes get pushed to the back of my schedule. 
  3. Last reason, as a writer, I dislike being placed in a creative box. I love the freedom of being to pursue whatever story or characters that incite my muse. 
I hope, as a reader, you enjoy the diversity of my books and characters as much as I do.

Mate Match is a five book, paranormal/sci-fi romance series I've begun that I hope to release beginning January of 2019. If all goes well, I'll release one book a month. I've already begun books 1 and 2. It combines quite a few of the sci-fi romance elements I like: a paranormal mating, a bride match agency service, and things that don't quite go as the heroine intends. Book one will be Mate Match: Pia and book two is Mate Match: Cherise. Each story is told from the heroine's POV.