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Zena Wynn is a multi-published author of erotic and sensual romance in various romance sub genres: Interracial, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Inspirational. She writes the type of stories she loves to read—stories with diverse characters who, through love and determination, overcome all the challenges that come their way. Her heroes and heroines are passionately and lovingly devoted to each other. Zena hopes her books put a smile on your face that lingers long after you reach “The End.”


I am a semi-reclusive introvert who loves reading, writing, and crafting in my limited spare time. I am very family-oriented and love spending time with my three children, three grandchildren, one great-grand, and my mother who lives right next door. The most important thing to know about me is that I'm a devout Christian. I have a deep, personal faith and relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. As a result, I try to focus on the things that matters most to me: my faith, my family, self-care, and my publishing career. 

The Rules by Which I Write:

Early in my writing career, I wrote a blog titled, Can a Christian Write Erotic Romance and still be a Christian? The answer for me is yes, as long as I abide by certain rules. These are the guidelines God gave me:

  • Male/Female couples only (no menages, m/m, f/f)

  • One God (no gods or goddesses allowed)

  • All of my couples are married to each other 'til death do they part (or whatever passes for marriage in their world)

  • No anal sex, masochism, sadism, or degradation

  • No witches, witchcraft, demons or angels portray as heroes/heroines

  • All of my stories have HEA (Happily Ever After) endings


God is my co-author, the source of my inspiration, and my helper in every aspect of my life. I couldn't write the stories I do without Him.


December of 2006: I penned what became the first chapter True Mates.

March of 2007: Contracted by Loose Id Publishing

March 2008: True Mates released

Summer 2008: Contracted with Phaze Books, an imprint of Mundania Press

January 2012: Created Real Love Enterprises, my self-publishing company

January 2016: Began converting my books into audiobook format

October 2017: I created The Swirl, a quarterly ezine dedicated exclusively to Interracial romance, featuring women of color, written by women of color. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, that venture only lasted 2 years. 

December 2020: I began translating my books into Spanish.

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Instagram: @zenawynn

TikTok: @zenawynn4162

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Youtube: @zenawynnauthor

I love speakiing with readers. If you contact me, you will get a response.

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