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Sometimes in life, the hardest part of making a fresh, new start is letting go of the baggage of the past. The Nina Chronicles are one woman's story of love, betrayal, and ultimately, forgiveness on the path to finding true biblical love.



Nina's Dilemma

© 2009


Nina Wallace is your typical American woman. A divorced mother of two, she draws strength from her faith in God. Fellowship with her church family keeps loneliness at bay. If, sometimes in the deepest dark of night, she wished a pair of strong, male arms held her tight, she suppresses the desire. Nina has been there, done that, and still bore the scars from her last disastrous relationship. As a result, she’s more than content to wait on God to send love her way.

Suddenly, Nina has three men vying for her attention: Roberto, Ronald, and Timothy. Which one will Nina choose? More importantly, which man is God’s choice for her? Faith, like love, is a matter of the heart. But what’s a woman to do when she no longer trusts her heart?


Genre: IR/MC, BBW, Inspirational, Christian

Heat Level: Sweet


Worth Fighting For?

© 2012


When Nina Wallace made the crucial decision to leave the past where it belongs—in the past—her reward was new love with the man of her dreams. However she quickly discovers just because she’s done with the past doesn’t mean it’s finished with her. Love doesn’t come easy and sometimes you have to fight for what you want. When hard times come, will Nina determine the love and happiness she’s found with Roberto is Worth Fighting for?


Genre: IR/MC, BBW, Edgy Christian

Heat Level: Spicy


Love's Many Challenges

(c) 5/5/17



Marry in haste, repent at leisure. So the saying goes. Nina Ortega has cause to wonder if she and Roberto might have been just a little too hasty in saying “I do.” Will the challenges they face as a newly married couple tear them apart? Or will they allow their love for each other and for God give them the power to triumph, no matter what the enemy throws at them?


Genre: Contemporary, IR/MC, BBW, Christian, BDSM

Heat: Spicy


Full and Overflowing

(c) 4/1/19  


Being a parent is hard work. Being a stepparent? Even tougher. With stepchildren being the number two cause of divorce, it's a good thing Nina and Roberto worked out a plan on how to deal with the children while they were engaged. When that plan is put to the test, will their marriage crumble under the strain?



Genre: Contemporary, IR/MC, BBW, Edgy Christian, BDSM

Heat: Spicy

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