My books are about...
the Passion and Devotion between
a man and a woman, Love the way
God originally intended it to be, 
and Commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Zena Wynn, 
Romance Author

Passionate Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Author Bio

About Me

Zena Wynn is a multi-published author of erotic and sensual romance in various romance subgenres: Interracial, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Inspirational. She writes the type of stories she loves to read—stories with great characters who, through love and determination, overcome all the challenges that come their way. Her heroes and heroines are passionately, lovingly, devoted to each other. Zena wants her characters to stick with readers long after “The End.”


The most important thing to know about Zena Wyn is that she's a devout Christian. She has a deep, personal faith and relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. She focuses on the things that matters most to her: her relationship with God, improving herself as a person, her family, her writing, and her church family.

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Zena also believes in paying it forward and can frequently be found mentoring new authors and helping them develop their writing skills. To this end she has a Facebook group dedicated to sharing publishing industry news: 

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The Rules by Which I Write:

As explained on a blog in a post titled, Can a Christian Write Erotic Romance and still be a Christian, there are certain rules by which I write. I'll list them here as well.

  • Male/Female couples only (no menages, m/m, f/f)
  • One God (no gods or goddesses allowed)
  • All of my couples are married to each other 'til death do they part (or whatever passes for marriage in their world)
  • No anal sex, masochosim, sadism, or degradation
  • No witches, witchcraft, demons or angels portray as heroes/heroines
  • All of my stories have HEA (Happily Ever After) endings

Some of these rules are a part of my agreement with God. Others are the result of my faith. People are free to write whatever feels good and/or comfortable to them. These are just the rules to which I try to adhere.

Warning: The books are called erotic for a reason. The sex is described in graphic, street terminology.  allowed. If you are easily offended by frank language, do not read my erotic romances.

My History as a Writer

Publishing Beginnings

In December of 2006, I penned what became the first chapter of my book, True Mates. In March of 2007, I was contracted by Loose Id Publishing, and True Mates was released in March of 2008. Also in 2008, I signed a contract with Phaze Books and between the two publishers, had over nine books published.


In 2012, I took a chance and branched out into the self-publishing world  my brand new business identity: Real Love Enterprises. My first book, Beyond the Breaking Point, didn't break any sales records but I'm pleased with the results. Once I discovered the freedom of being self-published, I haven't looked back since.


In 2016, I took on my biggest venture to date--publishing all of my books in audiobook format. I started with my Fantasy Island series and along the way have found some incredible narrators.

The Swirl

In 2017, I created The Swirl, a quarterly ezine dedicated exclusively to Interracial romance, featuring women of color, written by women of color. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, that venture only lasted 2 years. The Swirl is in the process of being revamped into my personal author newsletter.