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(c) 3/29/20


Code-Switching: (noun) The act of purposely modifying one's language or behavior in different ways depending on social context.


The coolly elegant Catherine Brown is just the woman I need to take my career to the next level. She’s everything I could want in a corporate wife—attractive, well-bred and refined. Like me, Catherine has an Ivy League education, a strong work ethic, and a driving need to be successful. After working closely with her for the last five years and three months of exclusive dating, I’m confident I’ve learned all I need to know and ask Catherine to marry me. Then, a family emergency causes Catherine to reveal a side of her nature I had no idea existed. She’s trying her best to keep me out of it, but I’m determined to stick to her like glue. You see, Catherine may be the perfect corporate wife, but Tikki is my perfect match.

Beyond the Breaking Point

Beyond The Breaking Point

(C) 2013


Breaking point. Everyone has one. For Dr. Cassidy Brannon it was discovering her husband, Phillip, in a compromising position with his best friend Max’s almost fiancée, Amber, while vacationing with the other couple. Angry and heartbroken, she and Max indulge in a night of drunken, vindictive sex. The next day, Cassidy returns home with one goal in mind—divorce.


However, nothing goes as planned. Phillip, hell bent on fixing their marriage, won’t agree to a divorce. What was only meant to be one, never to be spoken of again, night with Max is evolving into something much more complicated. Then Cassidy discovers she’s pregnant. With both Max and Phillip adamantly claiming to be the father, how much more can Cassidy take before she’s pushed beyond the breaking point?


Heat Level: Spicy        Length: Super Novel (300+ pages)



(C) 2014


The exciting conclusion to Beyond the Breaking Point...


Max Desalvo is a broken man. Two years ago he gave his heart, soul and body to another man’s wife, Cassidy Brannon. And, he’d thought, his child. They’d made promises, vows. One year. One year for Cassidy to secure her freedom, so they could be together. Unable to be in the same city with Cassidy and not see her, hear her voice, or touch her, Max left. While gone he waited, waited, and waited for the call that never came.


Now he’s returned to Philly, his home. Running into Cassidy was inevitable, but she isn’t the woman he remembers. If he’s broken, she’s shattered. Phillip, her husband, is dead. Why hadn’t Cassidy contacted him once she was free? And why does she gaze at him with eyes full of hurt and mistrust, as though he were the one to break her heart?

Max has a choice. Discover the truth of what happened and reclaim the love he’s lost or forever remain…broken.

The Question Saga

The Question

© 2009


What would you do for a friend? What sacrifice would you willingly make? This is the issue facing Gail Henderson when her best friend, Crystal Al Jabbar, asks her to be a surrogate for her and her husband Rashid, using Gail's own egg. Complicating the decision is Gail's recent loss of her husband and toddler son in a fatal car accident, two years earlier. After much contemplation, Gail reluctantly agrees. Her decision sets off a chain of events none of them could have anticipated.


After The Question

(c) 1/15/17


Hundreds of readers wrote and asked what happened after The Question ended? Though I'd never intended to revisit this story, in 2016 I gave in. In After the Question, I give readers a brief glimpse into the lives of Gail and Rashid, one of my most beloved reader couples. It picks up a few months after The Question ends.


BDSM (bondage, spanking), Contemporary, Erotic, MC/IR.


A Questionable Christmas

(c) 2/23/22

What happens when the family that normally hosts Christmas cancels? Family drama, that's what.

Over the years, Gail and Rashid Al Jabbar's mini mansion has become holiday central. They not only have the space, but also the resources, to host large family gatherings. This year, however, due to the premature birth of their son, all the cautious parents want is a quiet Christmas at home. No family. No friends. No guests. DaQuan's delicate immune system requires they limit the number of people to whom he's exposed. With everyone wanting to greet the new baby, will they get their wish? Or will family and circumstances conspire against them?

Final Installment in The Question saga


To Jon, With Love

(C) 2013


How does a young wife save her marriage when her husband’s half a world away?


When Evie signed on to be Mrs. Lieutenant Jonathan McCoy, she knew his military career and imminent deployment came with the package. Then Jon left, the months passed, and Evie discovered being a soldier’s wife is a lot more difficult than she’d believed. She and her husband communicate, but nothing much is being said. Unwilling to burden her husband with her fears for their marriage and with no one else she can talk to, Evie’s at her wits end.


Then her mother forcefully suggests Evie attend one of the military wives’ support meetings. Reluctantly, Evie goes and the advice they give her shocks Evie with its simplicity—write Jon a letter. Can a handwritten letter really save her marriage? And if it works, will she be able to hold it together until her soldier comes home?



© 2009


When Catrina Jackson ducked into her hotel’s jazz bar, all she wanted was a chance to unwind after a long drive and a drink to soothe the disappointment of being stood up by the friend she’d come to see. She figured the massive diamond wedding set on her finger would deter any would be suitors. She was wrong. When also married hunky Darius Cornelio suggested they sit together to avoid unwanted attention, she thought it was a great idea.

His presence protected her from other men in the bar, but who was going to protect her from him?



Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, IR (BW/WM), BBW

Heat Level: Spicy



© 2009 AND 2016


Traci Quarterman her marriage is over. Her husband, Rick, is determined to prove her wrong. He'll need a blindfold, a few scarves, and a whole lot of trust from Traci to make things right between them.


Genre: Contemporary, IR (BW/WM), BBW, Light bondage, Spanking

Heat Level: Erotic


Former Title: A Matter of Trust


Ryan's Obsession (Romance Bites)

(c) 1/29/19


Gwen Riley is my former partner's widow and the object of my obsession. I've waited two long years for her heart to heal. Waited for a sign she was ready to allow another man into her life. I positioned myself to be the one she turned to and what did she do? Go out on a date with another man. Before tonight is over, my lovely lady will learn what I've always known--she belongs to me.



Length: Extremely Short (reads in less than an hour)

Genre: Contemporary, I/R

Heat: Spicy

Uriah's Heart.jpg

URIAH'S HEART (Romance Bites)

(c) 7/25/19


I am the king of my world. My business makes millions. I had everything at the tip of my fingers until the woman I loved turned in her two week's notice. She wants marriage and a family, and feels she can’t have it working for me. I’m not letting her go. She’ll have everything her heart desires, but it will be on my terms, not hers.

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