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It's Tax Day!

It's Tax Day! Originally I was going to pop in with a press release and keep it moving. Then I thought, I got stuff to say. Why not?

Speaking of taxes, I didn't do mine until this week. Believe it or not, I actually forgot. There was my trip to Jamaica, and life has been super busy since I got back. Due to me being self-employed (self-published), I always have to wait for all of my documents to come in. The days of being one of the first to file my taxes are long gone. Isn't adulting great?

It's always a shock to me when I go through my receipts and see how much I spent the previous year. Anyone else experience this? To give you an idea, in 2021 I spent $473 on books (purchased outright), Audible and Amazon subscriptions. Add in $3431 on conferences and travel expenses, and those are the receipts I found. I may have missed a few. Even though I can claim them as a business expenses, it's still a shock.

Then I get to thinking what else I could have done with the money had I been more focused. How many bills I could have paid off. My only solace is that those same business expenses I'm fretting over are what allowed me to get a tax refund instead of owing the IRS. The downside to the kids being grown is no more child tax credit.

In other news, my son who was living in my shed has moved. Now I'm left with a dilemma. Use the shed as a storage space or turn it into a home gym? I reclaimed my office inside of the house so there's no longer a need for it. Part of me fears doing anything. He's only been gone a month but he's like a boomerang. You know, no matter how hard you throw it, it always returns? I may have to put my foot down and say make it work where you are or live on the street. However, he's the youngest, the baby, and my only son. It' to see your child in need and not help.

Last but not least, I'm looking forward to being in Daytona Beach the last weekend of this month. The authors and readers who've attended since the beginning have become like close family friends. It's great being able to talk books, or just sit in the shade on a deck, feeling the ocean breeze. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

I can't end without mentioning that today is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter. Whatever your faith or religious beliefs, I hope you enjoy the weekend. I'll be having family dinner with my mom, children, and grandchildren after church services Sunday. Be blessed.

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