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Happy Summer! Stay Cool!

My Author's Life

I will confess. I'm not sure, based upon the calendar, that's it's officially summertime. Here in Florida school is out and the weather is hot. In my book, that means it's summer. May was a tremendously busy month for me, filled with church events. June is shaping up much better. I'm taking a much needed "staycation." While home, I hope to catch up on some publishing things. I have several new projects in the works. I just need to focus mentally and make completing them my top priority in a world full of priorities. Anyone feeling me? In other news, my granddaughter (the one that lives with me) is getting married. This means by the end of the summer I'll finally have an empty nest. My son moved out of state to live with his grandparents. I'll be entering another phase of life. The one thing that seems to be constant in life is change. For the first time ever, my job is giving us Junteenth off. A few years ago, I hadn't even heard of it. I think it's very progressive of them. I certainly won't complain about another paid day off from work. Whatever you choose to do this summer, I pray God's protection over you and that you be safe. Pay attention to that little small voice or that hint of unease that pops up from time to time. Heeding it may save your life.

Mate Run: Cherise -

True Story: My teenage granddaughter has been asking for years to read one of my books. My answer has always been, "You're not old enough." When I put Mate Run: Cherise in print, I gave her a copy. It has the least sex of all of my books except one. We met yesterday for her birthday and she was excited to tell me she'd read the book. Then she complained that I'd ended the story on a cliffhanger. Say what? I asked her what she meant. She had questions. Did Cherise and Noah get married? Did her mother come back? What happened with the mom? Did Cherise meet Noah's clan and what happened when she did? Listening to her, I thought to myself, you sound just like those reader reviews on Amazon. At least she liked the story and wants to read more.


Now in Kindle Vella...

So I've been promising this book FOREVER. To motivate (pressure) myself to get it done, I decided to upload it to Kindle Vella. Basically, I'm treating Vella readers lik my beta readers. So far, I've uploaded two episodes. I'm expanding and revising the portion of the first draft already completed. If you decide to check it out, I hope you read the notes and answer the polls. When I'm finished with the entire story, I'll pull it down, clean it up, have it edited, and sell it in ebook, print, and eventually audiobook format.

I've only uploaded 2 episodes thus far but here is the link.I think the first 3 episodes are free.

I have news. My narrator just informed my that Claming Shayla is complete. I need to proof it but if all goes well, it will be available for purchase in August. I'm so excited.

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