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True Mates update

I'm pleased to announce the first draft completion of True Mates: Alpha in Charge. It's a short story catching up with the two characters who started it all: Alex and Kiesha. This story goes back along the timeline a bit to pick up the birth of their child. It's true place in the book order would be 5.5, picking up after Claiming Shayla but before Rome's Pride.

I plan to do more of these shorts. Why? One, they're fun. I like writing in this world and short stories allow me to progress the series and still write other stories in my heart and mind, begging to be told. Two, it's a quick way to breathe life into a series that I'm not ready to end.

What's next? I'd like to do a short on Chad and Tameka that overlaps Healing NeeCee. I also plan to write another story featuring Mary Elizabeth and Hugh. After, she inherited all of that money. What is she going to do with it. From there, there are any number of directions I can take. If there's a couple you want to read more about, drop me a line and let me know. It just might inspire me.

Alpha in Charge is available for preorder right now on Amazon. It's release date is the end of November but if I get it edited and ready to release before then, I'll make it available.

Buy Link (US):

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