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True Mates: Introducing Alex Wolfe

Meet Alex Wolfe, alpha of the Raven Pack, one of the largest wolf-shifter packs in the United States. Alex is the only child of Mona and Thomas Wolfe, the original alphas. When he was a teenager, his parents became foster parents to Carol Scott, their Beta's daughter whose parents died in a car crash.

In preparation for becoming alpha, Alex studied hard and is licensed as both a medical doctor and veterinarian. He wanted to be able to treat the whole shape-shifter: human and animal. As you can imagine, this didn't leave the heir apparent with a plethora of free time. He's dated his share of women, seeking one who'd be the right fit as his mate, but alas, didn't find anyone suitable.

Alex is nearing forty when he's confronted by his parents about his lack of a mate. Their concern is real. He needs a partner to co-alpha the pack, and it's past time he gave birth to a heir. Alex makes the bold declaration that he's holding out for his one, his true mate.

Pressure is building from his parents and the pack. Alex holds firm and his prayer for a mate is answered in the most mystical of ways.

Alex's story can be found in the following books:

To read how Alex found his mate, read True Mates, my first book and the first book in the True Mates series.

To read about the birth of Alex's first child, read Alpha in Charge.

Both books are available in audiobook:

If you're interested in a free review copy of Alpha in Charge, please contact me. Limited copies available. Reviews must be posted within 30 days.

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